These classes are designed to assist you in feeling confident and overcome your unconscious fears such as Stage Fright1. The focus of these practical hands-on courses is to build confidence on presentation skills and public speaking essentials with a focus on content delivery, voice modulation, tone and pitch.

For Speakup Studio

For School Classes

  • This class is filled with fun activities teaching young children the life-long skills.
  • This class gives structure to their thoughts improving their writing skills.
  • We do fun activities including tongue-twister challenges, story-telling, poem recitals, and presentations
  • They begin to understand the concepts and importance of maintaining eye contact, good posture, volume, enunciations , expressions and much more.
  • Communicating with ease - interpersonal and formal.
  • They learn how to prepare the structure of a speech, i.e. Introduction, Body and Conclusion.
  • Learn how to control pauses and fillers.
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking. Speaking in front of an audience.
  • In this age group we will begin to teach students to quickly engage their audience and hold their interest, and to write and present captivating speeches.
  • We will show students how to best use technology and visuals effectively in presentations.
  • They will develop valuable social skills such as eye Contact, poise, articulation and confidence.
  • Students will learn how to present and support their arguments in debates.

  • How are these classes tuned?


  • No food/gum permitted while in class.
  • Water is ok to bring
  • Please send pencil, A notebook, an empty folder (to keep all the documents)

  • Cancellation Policies
  • Any class missed by a student can be made up during the week according to their age group.
  • Classes must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Classes cancelled by me due to weather conditions will be pro-rated.
  • If you miss a class due to weather conditions you can do a makeup.

  • Payment Policies
  • Please pay in the first-class by Cash or Check Payable to "SR MOSAIC INC."
  • PayPal link will be uploaded soon